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A photo-shoot with a difference

Our guest blogger this month is Martin Cousins, a freelance journalist from Bristol.  Martin came to the January photo-shoot for the owners of small businesses and he even joined in!  This is his report.

It’s not a difficult concept: a group of small business owners who need high-quality stock images for their websites and promotional materials come together to help each other get the shots they require and to share the combined total of their effort.

But the concept hasn’t been as easy to sell as its creator thought it would be.  Charlotte Mannion, founder of MiStock, says that at first small businesses think there must be a snag as traditionally photographers have charged businesses an enormous amount of money or have taken the shots for free with the client buying the images at quite highrates.

“Having lots of different shots to draw on at a low cost is just a new idea,” she says.

I went along to a recent MiStock photo session to see how it works. Participants arrive with a wish list of images they require and various changes of clothes.

The professional photographer, Matt Miller, worked through the list of photos, showing what he snaps as he goes. This approach goes down really well with participants. They discuss shots and make alterations as they go. They also get a good sense of what they will get from the day.

Rachel Demler runs a coaching business and is about to re-launch her website.  “Stock shots don’t really do it,” she says. “Also I am my own brand so any way I can model on my website what I do and show people who I am in those situations – that’s what I was looking for today.”

“Today has been brilliant and exceeded my expectations, it has been so relaxed and some of the shots I have already seen have been just perfect – they absolutely showcase what I do.”

An unexpected benefit of the day is the chance to network with peers and also to help each other out.

Andy Roberts, who runs masterfaciltator.com, said: “It has been really easy, good set ofpeople and cameraman has been easy to work with. It has been fun and also good to share experiences with people who do similar things to me.’

John Bowen, who runs business consultancy Gulfhaven Ltd liked the collaborative approach. “I wanted to come today to get some good images for my website and for promotional material and to help out others by doing the same for them. It has been good fun, met some interesting people and got some fantastic photos.”

Charlotte Mannion says photographs are a good way for small businesses to show their clients who they are, what they can do and to trust in them.  Judging by the feedback, the concept is working and after only its third event has one happy repeat customer.

Andy Entwhistle, who runs Salient Sales and Training, was so happy he came back for more. “I was so delighted with my first set of images that I am back for a second lot.”

If you would like to join in and get royalty free, personalised images for your website for a fraction of the cost of bringing in your own photographer.  Email  or call  Charlotte Mannion 07962 149074

Our next Swindon event is at Basepoint on 22 March 2013


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