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Are you using the right words?

headshot2013I have to admit I do make judgements about people who spell badly or don’t use the right words;  it always makes your writing look slapdash and that implies any work you may do for me will be slapdash too.

I hate when people use the wrong word like ‘disinterested’ when they mean ‘uninterested’ or they use ‘less’ when they mean ‘fewer’.  I hate management jargon and overly used invented words such as ‘engaging’ instead of communicating, encouraging, involving and motivating.

So it was great finding this splendid rant from David Mitchell who says what I think and says it so much better.

I am with David when discussing myself and yourself  I’ve got to agree I do so hate it when people say ‘myself’ when they mean ‘me’ and worse when they really mean ‘I’  It always sounds so odd.

If you worry about whether your writing is letting you down you’ll find this book a real gem.  I always keep a copy beside me.

This book is priceless!

Charlotte is the author of the Useful Guide to Communicating Effectively published by Pansophix.  The ebook covers both business writing and face to face communication.  Find out more or download a copy here direct from the publisher

front-cover-communicating-effectively-353x500What the Useful Guide includes …

  • The communication process and interpersonal skills
  • Assertive communication
  • Communicating on the telephone
  • Image and body language
  • Communicating in writing
  • Communicating within groups
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Speaking to an audience

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