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Delivering a presentation? Time to get rid of PowerPoint

Once upon a time BC (that is before computers, dear reader), when business people gave presentations they had very little technical help. They might had have had a flipchart if they were lucky, but beyond that they relied on their knowledge and skills to deliver an interesting and informative presentation. Come the dawning of the computer age and those giving presentations suddenly had ...
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What is wrong with appraisals?

The end of January heralds the first talk of the annual performance reviews or appraisals.  HR having recovered from Christmas and New Year is busy reading up on the latest Employment Law updates when the managers coming knocking on their door for help and advice.  Many managers despair at the thought of stopping work (as they see it) to have to run the annual appraisal.  There are the usual mutte...
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Christmas Crackers – which ones are best?

As Christmas is almost upon us  the Sunday Telegraph carried out a survey to find the best crackers on offer and top of the (Christmas) tree was Morrisons’ – the second cheapest at only 42p per cracker. The most expensive – Harrods’ offering, at £3.74 – came in only fourth place. The survey panel looked at appearance, loudness of bang, quality of gifts, hats and jokes. Morrisons’ crackers triumphe...
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