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What is wrong with appraisals?

The end of January heralds the first talk of the annual performance reviews or appraisals.  HR having recovered from Christmas and New Year is busy reading up on the latest Employment Law updates when the managers coming knocking on their door for help and advice.  Many managers despair at the thought of stopping work (as they see it) to have to run the annual appraisal.  There are the usual mutte...
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Checking out the training needs of your organisation

If you carry out appraisals or performance reviews with your staff, you will often find you need to perform training needs analysis (TNA) to enable an individual to do their job more efficiently or to deliver their objectives.  However, regular checks throughout the year mean the organisation is far more ready to take on challenges as they arise. Once the learning needs are collated, you may find ...
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Fear of Giving Feedback

One of the biggest problems I have found when training people in the Art of Feedback is dealing with cold, stark fear.  The reasons are often given as a fear of causing distress or worse creating conflict.   Indeed I have long thought we should be running workshops on how to ask for and to receive feedback rather than how to give it.  Most people I speak to have had such bad experiences from being...
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