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Is your training just a tick in the box?

A business colleague of mine had a scary experience a few weeks ago at a well known, recently opened, supermarket. This supermarket, which will remain nameless, appears not to have invested in any safety training before they opened.  It seems so unlikely and yet they nearly had a disaster on their hands.  When the alarms went off customers were almost knocked down by fleeing staff who were them...
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Insight into Action Learning

I am delighted to welcome back Mike Morrison of Rapidbi as this month's guest writer.  In this article Mike share the rules for effective Action Learning - an excellent peer approach to developing skills and knowledge. Mike is is an established interim manager, coach, business adviser, mentor instructional designer and trainer, on occasions he writes, blogs, twitters and takes the odd day o...
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Why are other people irritating?

We are delighted to welcome Julia Papworth of Wisdom Learning again as our guest blogger this month.   Julia's  philosophy and mission is to enable adults and children to make learning and leadership easy and fun. She coaches and teaches people to build a refined awareness of themselves, their families and their work colleagues. Our children are our future, and she believes we are, as adults the m...
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