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Are you using the right words?

I have to admit I do make judgements about people who spell badly or don't use the right words;  it always makes your writing look slapdash and that implies any work you may do for me will be slapdash too. I hate when people use the wrong word like 'disinterested' when they mean 'uninterested' or they use 'less' when they mean 'fewer'.  I hate management jargon and overly used invented words su...
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Do you put off writing reports?

I was reminded this evening while working with my CIPD HR Practice students how many people find report writing arduous and scary. The trouble is very few of us are formally taught the skills of writing reports or indeed, assignments. We are however expected to 'know' how to communicate effectively in writing in a business style. For those people who learned English in the seventies and eightie...
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When missing punctuation catches you out!

I have had an interesting  couple of weeks running,  two workshops one on business Writing and one covering Report Writing. this was to intelligent and articulate students with first degrees.  However it soon became clear how little grammar and punctuation was taught when they were in school. Or how little sunk in. It was surprising how many of my participants admit to still struggling with pun...
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What’s in a number?

I often get asked about numbers - when to write them and when to use numerals. It’s as if we all have a sort of memory of having been told there is a rule but can’t quite remember what it is. Traditionally numbers up to 10 should be written. If they are over ten, you can use numerals so 11 onwards for example. However, there was then the quandary of what to do if you had both in the same piece of ...
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Why do you send Emails?

I know it sounds like a stupid question because  we all know everyone uses emails all the time in the office. It's hard to believe they have only been around for most businesses for 15 years or so. It all started in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer developed a system for sending messages between computers that used the @ symbol to identify addresses. He now can't remember the first ...
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