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2015 – Favourite English Language Traps

During the year I have written a number of blogs featuring English Language traps.  From Split infinitives (no longer a problem) to commmonly confused words our language is often out to fool the unwary.  Here's a few of my favourites. http://quicklearn.org.uk/compliment-or-complement-that-is-the-question/   http://quicklearn.org.uk/are-you-the-subject-or-the-object-of-my-feelings/ ...
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Getting our letter writing right

One of the disappointing things that continue to let businesses down is their inability to write good business letters and emails. This is can be because a whole swathe of us never learned grammar at school and partly because most business managers assume people know how to write in a business-like way and leave them to their own devices. When we write to customers to tell them about our qualit...
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Just because a word ends with an ‘S’

I don't know why it happens and I don't know where the idea came from but lots and lots of people think that if a word ends with an 's' it will need an apostrophe in front of it. And it gets worse if we have more than one item which normally adds 's' to signify the plural and yet again that dratted little apostrophe gets shoved in. Then there is the problem with acronyms.  why, oh, why a...
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How do you know if it’s that or which? Or sometimes who?

I am working with client whose consultants are responsible for writing big, complex reports for their clients.  The problem with so many people writing for the same company their indivdual styles do not always reflect the organisation.  So we are working to produce a style guide so everyone knows the protocols and the processes. It is an important part of marketing strategy not confusing the custo...
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Compliment or Complement? That is the question

Searching on the internet for information about some e-learning this month I came across this glib statement on a well regarded training provider’s website. “These workbooks are a great compliment to our “Do it Yourself Promotion Programme” Seriously this is straight from my meanderings through competitors’ websites.  An advert for elearning marketing and it turns out they were not offering fre...
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