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Going for a new job?

Are you job hunting right now? You may be desperately looking for any job going, or maybe you fancy a change after many years of 'doing the same thing.' Possibly completing and filling in applications has become the norm every weekend in this challenging employment time. So how do you feel when you find out that all the effort you put into your job application has rewarded you with an interv...
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Are you really listening to me?

One of the most important skills for a business communicator is the ability to listen to what others are saying, while fully concentrating and showing due respect. Much has been written about how to learn listening skills but active listening is more about learning how to subdue your needs, to enable you to concentrate on listening to what is being said to you. Effective listening can reveal wh...
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Over used words – become jargon!

So while I'm away celebrating my birthday with all my children and grandchilden I am leaving you in the hands of David Mitchell to explore one of the least thought about, most overused word in the English language.  I hope you find it as funny as I do. After all how often do people tell you they are passionate about their job; passionate about their product; passionate about holidays; passi...
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How to choose the right training provider

A long time ago when I was working for a training organisation, I was asked to deliver some customer service training to the front line of a large corporate client. I was so excited as it was the first piece of work that I had been offered directly. I rushed off, polished up my regular workshop and dived in. Within a few short hours of delivery, it became apparent the participants were well aware ...
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Back to basics in the art of conversation

My current CIPD group are working on the module Supporting Individuals through Coaching and Mentoring. For most of them, new to the idea, they are dreading the practical element of their assignment which is to coach another person for 30 minutes. I have had to remind them that coaching is simply a conversation between two people where one is responsible for asking questions to enable the other to ...
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