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Why is customer service no longer important?

All the companies I talk to at the moment report that things are quiet or slowing down or  not looking too good.  So it seems to me this is the best time to be considering training while the staff have some time on their hands.  And not just any training but customer service training.  When companies run into problems the staff start to get concerned. They start to keep an eye open for other jobs ...
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Keeping Customers for Life

If you work in or own a smaller business, you know you must cultivate relationships with your clients to ensure their continued patronage. Studies have shown that it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a customer relationship than to grow a new one. One way to retain customers is to keep your word. Do what you say you are going to do to make your business worthy of a customer’s repeat busine...
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What has to happen to satisfy your customers?

Businesses need to be more aware than ever that customer service is vital if they are to retain and attract clients, so it never ceases to amaze me that many still get it wrong. I blogged recently about my experience in a department store: When I asked an assistant if they stocked other sizes of a dress I liked and her response was “we might do” so I was forced to ask her to find out! Since ...
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Systems Failure – leads to a bad customer experience!

Do you check out if your staff need training? Do do carry out regular training or learning needs assessments? Far too many companies decide on training on a whim without checking out if A) it’s needed and B) without linking it to an objective; what you want someone to be able to do as a result of the training. So why not? Too often a customer complains about the way they feel they have been ...
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Do you know what your staff are saying about your product?

Most businesses – I hope – recognise that their staff are one of their most important assets when it comes to customer service. Whether they work behind the scenes or in the frontline, they are ambassadors for your business. It’s all your staff, (not just those at a reception, behind the till, manning the phones or writing about you on social media sites) who should be delivering your business ...
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