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Systems Failure – leads to a bad customer experience!

Do you check out if your staff need training? Do do carry out regular training or learning needs assessments? Far too many companies decide on training on a whim without checking out if A) it’s needed and B) without linking it to an objective; what you want someone to be able to do as a result of the training. So why not? Too often a customer complains about the way they feel they have been ...
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Do you know what your staff are saying about your product?

Most businesses – I hope – recognise that their staff are one of their most important assets when it comes to customer service. Whether they work behind the scenes or in the frontline, they are ambassadors for your business. It’s all your staff, (not just those at a reception, behind the till, manning the phones or writing about you on social media sites) who should be delivering your business ...
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Is your business really focused on its customers?

We all want our businesses to demonstrate that the customer is king. However we often undermine our own efforts quite subconsciously. I mean, why do our staff who are the service givers, not demonstrate that they live for each day to give great service? Well I think it’s because companies who concentrate on internal goals, things like cost cutting, earning profits, meeting budgets, are the one...
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