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Is your business really focused on its customers?

We all want our businesses to demonstrate that the customer is king. However we often undermine our own efforts quite subconsciously. I mean, why do our staff who are the service givers, not demonstrate that they live for each day to give great service? Well I think it’s because companies who concentrate on internal goals, things like cost cutting, earning profits, meeting budgets, are the one...
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Avoiding crisis management

A neat way to manage your time is to use your diary to make appointments with yourself.  Clearly you would not allow anyone to disturb you if you were dealing with external customers.  Why then do we not introduce the same principle in the office?  What we need is a system which will allow you to build in timed sections.  These are for dealing with calls, replying to emails, writing reports, makin...
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Making time for contingency training

If everything is going well at your company and your team are pulling together nicely then training is probably the last thing on your mind. But in fact, this is just the time to put some thought into  training, to assess where you may have gaps and to investigate suitable solutions. All is well now but it can take only a small change – such as one of your team going off sick – to change the ba...
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Are your staff up to the job?

I have been surprised recently in the levels of customer service I've experienced, or to be clearer, the plunging levels of service.  It's as if now business is picking up, as people are starting to spend money for example retail figures are up the staff have decided its OK not to bother any more. Out shopping in a prestigious London store at the weekend I asked about a particular dress to see ...
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Cutting back on training can lead to lost sales

All the companies I talk to at the moment report that business is slow and budgets for training and coaching are being cut back yet now is surely the time to make sure your staff are delivering the best service ever.  If they lack those skills or understanding of the importance then the business will be the loser. The problem is when companies run into problems the staff get concerned. They sta...
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