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What is wrong with appraisals?

The end of January heralds the first talk of the annual performance reviews or appraisals.  HR having recovered from Christmas and New Year is busy reading up on the latest Employment Law updates when the managers coming knocking on their door for help and advice.  Many managers despair at the thought of stopping work (as they see it) to have to run the annual appraisal.  There are the usual mutte...
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What has to happen to satisfy your customers?

Businesses need to be more aware than ever that customer service is vital if they are to retain and attract clients, so it never ceases to amaze me that many still get it wrong. I blogged recently about my experience in a department store: When I asked an assistant if they stocked other sizes of a dress I liked and her response was “we might do” so I was forced to ask her to find out! Since ...
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Everything’s perfect – We have nothing to learn – really?

I was somewhat alarmed last week when attending a client meeting to learn that if someone is critical in any way about the company or the team they are thought to be letting down the side and not a ‘good’ team member.  Where does such thinking originate for surely if you cannot cope with criticism how can you and your organisation learn or grow? Continuous improvement  - Much is said about ...
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