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Going for a new job?

Are you job hunting right now? You may be desperately looking for any job going, or maybe you fancy a change after many years of 'doing the same thing.' Possibly completing and filling in applications has become the norm every weekend in this challenging employment time. So how do you feel when you find out that all the effort you put into your job application has rewarded you with an interv...
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How to ‘communicate’ in an interview

I have been working recently with groups of people who are seeking work but finding the interview the most difficult hurdle.  Recruitment agencies and others know well the candidate is a good fit for the job but the candidate just can’t get that across and in return become overwhelmed by nerves. So here are some tips which should to increase the chances of landing the position. Extraordinarily ...
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How to identify real talent for your organisation

Having taught on the CIPD HR Practice module Resourcing Talent it's clear we need to modernise our approach to attracting the best people for the work.  New ways of advertising for and ne way to assess capabilities are required. Interviews need to be rethought and for senior talent we need new ways of selecting and choosing the right people for our organisation.  The emphasis is on 'our'  we sh...
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