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Why am I here? It’s meeting time again

So here we are at yet another management board meeting.  I like being involved and want to be useful but I have no idea why I am here.  Today’s meeting was classic.  The key reports had been sent out beforehand but they still get read out in case the managers hadn’t read them.  We are asked if we have questions but most of the comments are of the ‘this seems to be OK’ type.  I can do that in an em...
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Getting the most from meeting others

I was asked recently to give a talk at a newly formed Business Networking meeting on  'Getting the most from a networking event'. Some people find it quite difficult to market themselves.  After all it's not unusual to feel a little nervous when faced with the prospect of talking to complete strangers about yourself and what you do. Face-to-face networking is as important for businesses now as ...
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Multi-tasking in meetings

We’re all multi-taskers – or we like to think we are – but when it comes to taking minutes, can we really do more than one thing at once? How effectively can you write at the same time as you listen? If you have to take notes, do you find you’re writing everything down and then find you are not really following the thread of the discussion? Or do you join in the discussion and forget to take no...
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‘Networking’ – isn’t that just talking to people?

Getting your business noticed nowadays is easier than ever before…….We have the internet as our global shop window and networking for building trust and confidence in others’ reputation and integrity. Networking is the activity or activities which enable you to build up contacts to help you, and enable you to help others, in both your personal and business life. Everybody “networks” in some ...
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How boring does a meeting have to be?

I am delighted to welcome Hannah Jones of Blue Kite Coaching as our guest blogger this week.  Hannah works with senior leaders in schools and says she was inspired by my recent post on meetings and decided to top it!  I hate meetings where we are sent documents to read beforehand and then the documents are read out during the meeting. What is worse, when this is done and then no one has much...
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