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Just take a minute

We’re all multi-taskers – or we like to think we are – but when it comes to taking minutes, can we really do more than one thing at once? How effectively can you write at the same time as you listen? If you have to take notes, do you find you’re writing everything down and not really following the thread of the discussion? Or do you join in the discussion and forget to take notes? Minute writin...
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Six absolute essentials to get bang for your networking time and buck

In this guest blog, Heather Townsend, author of the best-selling and award-winning ‘The FT Guide To Business Networking’ and ‘The Go-To Expert’, spills the beans on how to make sure you get a high level of return every time you invest in building or nurturing your network. In this article – written exclusively for us – Heather will shine a light on the 6 absolute essentials you need to network eff...
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Why am I here? It’s meeting time again

So here we are at yet another management board meeting.  I like being involved and want to be useful but I have no idea why I am here.  Today’s meeting was classic.  The key reports had been sent out beforehand but they still get read out in case the managers hadn’t read them.  We are asked if we have questions but most of the comments are of the ‘this seems to be OK’ type.  I can do that in an em...
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