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Why have a mentor?

Finding someone to talk to about your ambitions, goals and ideas is difficult if you work in a smaller business. Finding time to develop the skills you need to run your business efficiently is even more challenging. That’s why so many managers and business owners turn to a mentor for help when the going gets tough, or you just cannot see the wood for the trees. Having a Business Mentor is the c...
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Benefits of a mentoring relationship

More and more people are looking to bring mentoring into their working lives.  The CIPD programme I teach on has a number of participants who are being asked in the workplace to set up a mentoring schemes which will help the organisation to grow; mentors becoe more skilful and the mentees realise their portential sooner. Knowing what the benefits are helps people to make decisions about being par...
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What kind of mentor would you like to be?

Being a mentor is an attractive career move for many senior people so it's worth exploring what kind of mentor you want to be. A mentee may, during the lifetime of the mentoring relationship, look for the mentor to play a number of roles. If you are a mentor for more than one person, you will probably find that each of your mentees may well want a different type of mentor depending on their sit...
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