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Delivering a presentation? Time to get rid of PowerPoint

Once upon a time BC (that is before computers, dear reader), when business people gave presentations they had very little technical help. They might had have had a flipchart if they were lucky, but beyond that they relied on their knowledge and skills to deliver an interesting and informative presentation. Come the dawning of the computer age and those giving presentations suddenly had ...
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Handling stage fright

I have just been working with a client who has been thrown into the deep end by being asked to step in as a public speaker. She knows her subject well and has worked as the perfect manager at a well-known charity for many years but has never before been asked to go centre stage and speak at a fundraising dinner. And the response? She was petrified. It may surprise you to know that everyone who ...
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Getting humour right in public speaking

I have just attended an event where the key note speech was marred by the speaker’s attempt to be funny by choosing to tell two very old jokes, so old they managed to be both racist and sexist.  The lack lustre clapping at the end proved it wasn’t just me who found the humour cringe making. When you first make a presentation of any type, or speech of any sort, people will often tell you to avoi...
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