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Public speaking

Some useful tips for running a webinar

I have to admit I find most of the webinars, I have attended, boring. There just seems to be a missed opportunity for using the new media mainly because it is so often delivered in the same old way. I think there’s a real skill to giving effective presentations. It’s true some people have a natural gift while others are wise enough to attend some public speaking training. Then there’s a third g...
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Beginning at the end

Whenever I deliver training programmes it's always lovely to be invited back to the organisation to see how the participants have put the learning from our workshop into practice. Last week I revisited a group who had attended a ‘Putting A Presentation Together’ workshop earlier in the year. The purpose of my visit was to observe their presentations, offer feedback and  discuss with them how their...
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Do you want to be an after dinner speaker?

How do you feel when you finally get an invitation to be a guest speaker at a big social event? A great friend of mine has been angling for such an opportunity for a long time but when it came, he was completely thrown. Although he speaks in public, regularly it has always been in a work environment and normally about presenting a report of his project. So when he started to prepare for the event,...
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