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Random acts of thinking

Christmas Crackers – which ones are best?

As Christmas is almost upon us  the Sunday Telegraph carried out a survey to find the best crackers on offer and top of the (Christmas) tree was Morrisons’ – the second cheapest at only 42p per cracker. The most expensive – Harrods’ offering, at £3.74 – came in only fourth place. The survey panel looked at appearance, loudness of bang, quality of gifts, hats and jokes. Morrisons’ crackers triumphe...
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Refocusing your effort by asking the right questions!

How many times have you started a diet, a new way of exercising, or tried a new way of working and then a setback occurs and you just go back to the way you were? Well, I guess you realise you are not the only one. However, there are ways to overcome these setbacks. I believe there are two ways of facing difficulties and setbacks. The first is that you change or alter the difficulty, the second...
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Happy Easter Holidays

Welcome to the Easter break.  We are closed from Thursday through to 10 April to enable me to celebrate an important birthday with all my nearest and dearest.  So no more grammar muddles or customer service disasters until I return from my travels. Meanwhile, why not remind yourself of the blog I wrote this time last year just after returning from a holiday in Ireland which included a visit...
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