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Do you put off writing reports?

I was reminded this evening while working with my CIPD HR Practice students how many people find report writing arduous and scary. The trouble is very few of us are formally taught the skills of writing reports or indeed, assignments. We are however expected to 'know' how to communicate effectively in writing in a business style. For those people who learned English in the seventies and eightie...
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How do you know if it’s that or which? Or sometimes who?

I am working with client whose consultants are responsible for writing big, complex reports for their clients.  The problem with so many people writing for the same company their indivdual styles do not always reflect the organisation.  So we are working to produce a style guide so everyone knows the protocols and the processes. It is an important part of marketing strategy not confusing the custo...
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Make it easy to understand – the art of a good report

Getting communication right in business report is essential if you want people to read them and more importantly act on any recommendations.   To do this you will need to structure the content of your report  in a logical and clear way if you are going to help the readers take in your message.  If you structure a piece of writing well, you will find it easier to choose the words to express your id...
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Checking your copy one more time

It is still surprising how careless people are with their finished written work.  If we present neat high-quality and well written documents, letters, reports and proposals, we want to send a message to the reader that our organisation has a high self-image and cares about delivering a quality customer service. A commissioning editor of a national newspaper told me she was continually surprised...
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Business Documentation – Make every word count

My latest group of students on the CIPD Learning and Development programme are writing their first assignments for me.  This particular one is to be presented as a reflective statement.  However for many of the students this assignment is written as if it were a report and their writers seem unable to separate 'you should' from 'I did'.  And yet being able to reflect back on your written work is a...
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