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Widgets for your website … yes really!

Widgets are cool! Matthew Miller Widgets are cool; they are like apps on your smartphone, some of them can even communicate with phone apps. Widgets do things that would be hard to set up from scratch, such as embedded calendars and feeds. Widgets are plugins for your Wordpress website, but not all plugins are widgets. Plugins add functionality, many of which work in the background. Widgets...
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Monetising your WordPress site

Turning bits into bunce Matthew Miller So you have a Wordpress website, and you want it to pay its way. There are several ways your site can make money, If you are selling products or services this is pretty straight forward, but there are other ways to consider such as partner programmes and even advertising revenue which can help keep your site paying its way. Selling your products and...
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Choosing your website host

          Finding a host for your website can appear to be a maze, prices can vary wildly for the same or similar services, and the Internet is still the Wild West where cowboys and snake oil salesmen lurk in the rocks.  Don't panic, a little diligence will minimise any obstacles you may encounter. In my previous post covering domain names, I mentione...
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