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Checking out the training needs of your organisation

headshot2013If you carry out appraisals or performance reviews with your staff, you will often find you need to perform training needs analysis (TNA) to enable an individual to do their job more efficiently or to deliver their objectives.  However, regular checks throughout the year mean the organisation is far more ready to take on challenges as they arise. Once the learning needs are collated, you may find that more than one person would benefit from attending a training workshop which then becomes more an investment than a cost.

You may need to arrange training for a number of reasons.  You probably do when you have got new staff or taking somebody on to do a new job.  You may also decide to promote one of your team to the role of manager.  Interestingly it seems we are more likely to choose a manager who has been brilliant at his/her job but does not have the management skills required.  The qualities they need will be inherently different from their previous role of just doing the job but it doesn’t mean they need to go on a full management programme.  A TNA it may identify that their resourcing skills and personal organisation skills are above standard for the job but that they need to learn more about managing a team or coaching individuals.  They may also require enhanced negotiation or delegating skills.

Another group who may benefit from undergoing a TNA are staff who have been employed for a long time; they work very well and very hard and they provide an excellent service for you.  But could they do more?  Can you tell whether they have the ambition to do well or be promoted or take on new challenges?  Can you see if they have more potential to develop?  Or whether they are slipping behind and not delivering the service that is needed?  To put it another way are they growing with the business and the job?

msp_295It is a highly competitive world now.  Customers nearly always have a choice of supplier and you can’t afford not to know whether your staff are incompetent or are failing to reach that quality expected by the market.  You can’t afford now to continue with “sheep dip” training that gets everybody along and trains them in one competence that your organisation neither needs nor uses.

A training needs analysis need not be cumbersome or time wasting.  It does require commitment and needs the involvement of all those who may be affected by the results.  If you would like some friendly, free advice on setting up a TNA for your organisation, please email charlotte@quicklearn.co.uk


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