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Delivering a presentation? Time to get rid of PowerPoint

spellcheckerOnce upon a time BC (that is before computers, dear reader), when business people gave presentations they had very little technical help. They might had have had a flipchart if they were lucky, but beyond that they relied on their knowledge and skills to deliver an interesting and informative presentation.

Come the dawning of the computer age and those giving presentations suddenly had a great deal of technology: screens, projectors, hand-held pointers and – the God of presentation technology – PowerPoint.

Now, I am not saying PowerPoint doesn’t have a place, but it has rather taken centre stage at business presentations. And if it’s centre stage then you, your presentation and your business message are being sidelined.

How many times have you sat through a PowerPoint presentation, looking at bullet-pointed slide, after bullet-pointed slide? Sometimes, there is so much text the slide is a virtual essay – if you are reading the slide you can’t be listening to the presenter.

How often has the presenter said “sorry if you can’t see this at the back, because I could only find a text/picture/image and it’s a bit small”.   Why are they using it if their audience can’t see it?

And all this is assuming the presentation has even got going. How many of you have had to wait for what seems like eternity while the presenter sorts out the technical hitches? I have, for one!

PowerPoint presentations can be excellent when they are used to illustrate a point . But they are all too often used as a prop by presenters who would rather read from their slides than prepare an interesting, entertaining and informative talk where they are centre stage.

Giving a presentation without PowerPoint is quite possible; it is all in the preparation and practice.

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