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Do you know what your staff are saying about your product?

headshot2013Most businesses – I hope – recognise that their staff are one of their most important assets when it comes to customer service.

Whether they work behind the scenes or in the frontline, they are ambassadors for your business. It’s all your staff, (not just those at a reception, behind the till, manning the phones or writing about you on social media sites) who should be delivering your business messages and making sure customers come back time and again.

So, do you know whether your staff are delivering that message? Are they encouraging repeat business? Are they providing excellent customer service?  are they reflecting your brand?

hatterI had a pub meal recently and was rather surprised at the level of customer service provided by the young waitress. She did her job in that she brought our food in good time, didn’t drop it in our laps, and got our order correct.

But did she go that extra mile? Far from it. When she served the desserts she looked at them, looked at us, and said: “Whose is this? I don’t know what it is, some chocolate thing.” It was a brownie. The apple crumble left her similarly confused and irritated.

As far as the publican knew this waitress was doing her job; she laid tables, took orders and waited at the tables. But she badly needed some training in customer service; she needed to know what her product was (brownies and crumbles), how to speak politely to the customers – and how to smile!

You may not run a pub or serve food, but the same rules apply: if you employ people do you know what they are doing when it comes to dealing with customers?



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