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How to ‘communicate’ in an interview

ebook2I have been working recently with groups of people who are seeking work but finding the interview the most difficult hurdle.  Recruitment agencies and others know well the candidate is a good fit for the job but the candidate just can’t get that across and in return become overwhelmed by nerves. So here are some tips which should to increase the chances of landing the position.

Extraordinarily it’s been recently ‘discovered’ that people who attend interviews wearing glasses are more likely to be appointed than those who don’t.  Similarly, wearing blue is said to help men and women. Both wearing spectacles and the colour blue connote seriousness, good sense and application.

I am not convinced that glasses and dressing in blue really do help, but there are certainly other measures you can take when attending an interview, to increase your chances.

Here’s how I think you should go about ‘communicating’ that you are right for the job:

Before you get to the interview, research the company and learn a few useful pieces of information, which you can talk about to show you’ve done your homework.

Dress smartly and also appropriately for the position for which you are applying. Blue may be the best colour, but do make sure it suits you.

Be well-groomed – including nails and hair.

Shake hands with the interviewer and introduce yourself.

Listen carefully and answer appropriately. Just imagine you’re having a normal conversation and try to relax.

Many interviewers use behaviour competency questions and want actual examples of your achievements.  Prepare by thinking of situations where you have achieved success in your previous work against the person spec and job description supplied by the employer.

Always prepare some questions to ask.  After all this is a two way process you need to check out it’s the right job for you.

In reality, interviews are just another version of a presentation, except this time the presentation is interactive. You’re presenting your skills and abilities to the audience. And, like a presentation, you need to prepare.

First impressions do count, so if you are concerned about how to make a good first impression at an interview you can download our self study ebook Successful Interviews – Making Your Interview Count and  confidently go to your next interview knowing you will be putting yourself across as effectively as possible.

You can download your free copy here and if you find it useful please let me know.


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