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How to identify real talent for your organisation

CM head forgoogleHaving taught on the CIPD HR Practice module Resourcing Talent it’s clear we need to modernise our approach to attracting the best people for the work.  New ways of advertising for and ne way to assess capabilities are required.

Interviews need to be rethought and for senior talent we need new ways of selecting and choosing the right people for our organisation.  The emphasis is on ‘our’  we should stop the ‘one size fits’ all principle.  We are looking for someone for our business not for any other business but for ours.  We need to ensure the candidates, who apply,  share our ethos and our way of working and we as an organisation need to be sure we choose the people who fit our culture.


Now here’s a splendid example of getting your culture, ethos and energy across in an interview like no other!

So, how could you introduce this approach in your organisation?  Answers on a postcard perhaps?


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