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Is your business really focused on its customers?

headshot2013We all want our businesses to demonstrate that the customer is king. However we often undermine our own efforts quite subconsciously. I mean, why do our staff who are the
service givers, not demonstrate that they live for each day to give great service?

Well I think it’s because companies who concentrate on internal goals, things like cost cutting, earning profits, meeting budgets, are the ones who forget their customers first.

Staff soon recognise that they are measured by how they meet their budget rather than how they care for their customer.

And when we cut costs how often do those savings come from the budget for staff training or maybe some other service we have decided the customers do not need.

How often have you seen in businesses the service givers who are fixated with meeting the
requirements of their managers rather than their customers? Isn’t this why we hear people
say “if it wasn’t for the customers I would be able to get on with my work”?

Why not use these questions to check out your customer image –

· Is your business outward looking? Do you perceive yourself to be in partnerships
with your customers or are they just another set of punters?

· In planning terms do you follow strategies for meeting your customers’ needs or do
these change all the time with short term fixes?

· Do you manage from on high or do you actively encourage your staff to tell you what
their customers want?

· Do your managers really support the frontline staff by coaching and by measuring
success with customers’ responses rather than number of sales?

· Do your staff know their customers? Do they know their likes, dislikes, their buying
patterns? Do they know what turns them on?

· Do you reward staff for solving customer problems or for meeting their internal goals?
· Does promotion come from being the most senior or for demonstrating great business

· Do you train all your staff in customer service skills?

· Do you really know your staff? What makes them get up in the morning? Why they
want to work for you?

· Do your staff tell their friends how much they like their customers and their job of
looking after them?


Interestingly, it was Richard Branson who said “if you look after your staff, they will look
after your customers and the customers will look after your share holders” It seems to
have worked for him.

Making your staff into true service givers, well, it could turn out to be your ‘Unique Selling


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