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Learning how to facilitate change

headshot2013As a facilitator I need to keep abreast of new developments in facilitation and study good practice to see how it can help my clients. Most problems and issues arise because of the speed the world is changing and motivating the people is vital for the businesses’ continued growth and development.

Managing change in any organisation is never easy so it was with a little trepidation that I approached Tony Mann’s book ‘Participate for a Change’. The change process after all instils different reactions in different people. And I was not ready to be bogged down in theory.

Admittedly I have been fortunate to see Tony in action facilitating groups from different disciplines and belief systems. His style of facilitation through the introduction of process models and concepts is often eye opening and revealing. Yet at the same time he made the learning easy to understand and relate to one’s own experience. And so it is with the book. Tony introduces his Iceberg Process Model with great enthusiasm and with a thorough knowledge of business practice. He sets out to illustrate his passion by relating the stages to well known organisations and describing the impact that change has had on the strategy they adopted. He makes it easy not only to understand complex concepts but also urges you to find your own examples from the world around you.

ChangeI found the reference to historical approaches to handling change helped to set it all in a framework. Tony explained why we need to adopt different ways of measuring impact of decisions and how aware companies must become of the external influences if they are to succeed. Clearly it is not easy to facilitate from within, but having read this book, I believe organisations willfind they are much better placed to understand the process of change and the impact it can have on everyone involved.

The second part of the book helps you to prepare your organisation for Change. With the aid of a matrix diagram and extensive supporting material you can carry out such an audit for your company. The model for cascading the change message is simple and easy to grasp. UIA=O+E that is Understanding, Implication and Application equal Ownership plus Empowerment which leads to buy-in throughout the whole organisation.

There are a number of different approaches and models laid out here so you can find the most useful/effective for you. Some of the ideas were ones I had seen before but now set in an unusual and creative way. Others need more time to understand but are no more powerful for the extra effort needed to grasp their use.

I have no doubt that any organisation in the UK who want to make substantial changes to the way they are managed will benefit from reading this manual. It is also a must for anyone seeking to improve and develop their facilitation knowledge in order to serve their clients.

Tony Mann - professional facilitator and change agent
Tony Mann – professional facilitator and change agent

More details of the work manual can be found on Amazon together with its companion book if you just want to read about the benefits of facilitation for your organisation.  Just click on the picture below.
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