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Mark Twain was right

It does take three weeks to write an impromptu speech!

I have always loved the quote that says “If at first you succeed try to hide your astonishment.”  Nothing could be truer than my attempt to make a video to share some useful tips for putting together and delivering a presentation.  This is a medium I have never tried before and I still have a lot to learn.  Despite preparing my script and rehearsing in front of the mirror I was not prepared to dry up in front of a camera!  Still Ant Hodges was very patient and has pieced together my first attempt.

So what do you think of it?  Or maybe I should be asking you what you thought of the content of the video!

When we learn a new skill we need an open mind and a determination to overcome any obstacles.  Clearly every new learning needs practice if you are to become proficient and feedback from people who care enough is worth a fortune.  Well, I still have much to learn about working in front of a camera.  Any comments or suggestions for improvement will be warmly welcomed.


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