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Another chance to Star in your own Stock photos

A new way for smaller businesses to have personalised photography on their website at a fraction of the cost of stock pictures.

What we  do

Our experienced professional photographers  stage and capture office scenes starring you – at a boardroom meeting, delivering a presentation, greeting a customer and all featuring your fellow business delegates on the day.  These images will feature you or a member of your staff along with other people – and then the group has access to all the photos taken on the day to use as you like for business websites, blogs and marketing materials.

How we do it

Quicklearn staff  manage the day, and ensure that you feature centre stage in each scenario, with the other participants being “extras” in your photographs.
Working in this scale means that you can have high quality custom photographs at a fraction of the cost – in other words all the participants are acting as a co-operative for the day to obtain a set of images you can all use.  Participants are typically from a range of businesses, including IT/ web designers, trainers and management consultants.
You will leave with all the images you want plus two or three headshots all produced for both web and print ready. Only £99 +VAT.
Bring your business partner or a staff member for just £45 +VAT per person.

Join other business people who want personalised, royalty free, business photography on

Friday 2 November at Basepoint, Swindon

Sessions 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Download more information – November Swindon

Or sign up here




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