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Act like a Leader – Making your body talk for you

Last week I was in Manchester at ACE, the CIPD Annual Conference. There were some great speakers and lots of interesting ideas to reflect on - so much to learn. One speaker was Professor Herminia Ibarra, who was discussing her recent book Act like a Leader, Think like a Leader. The premise that you need first to behave as leaders do before you step up to a bigger leadership role. For a brief momen...
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When to empathise rather than fight

Do you have to work with disagreeable colleagues or with people who seem to take pleasure in doing the opposite to what you want? Want to try something to improve the situation for you?   Try this tip for just one day.   Have an empathy day when you put yourself into your colleague’s shoes; instead of automatically assuming they are being difficult, or ascribing a less than flatt...
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Ae you confident you are getting your message across?

I was discussing the problems caused by too much reliance on Microsoft's spell checker with some students last week.  I cited my favourite story of a consultancy who lost a contract with a well-known Dairy because they unfortunately described them in their proposal as a 'Diary'. There is nothing more likely to lose your audience than having an article, a proposal or even a blog which contains poor...
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