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First time coaching….and trying too hard.

My CIPD students have recently completed a coaching module as part of their qualification.  One of my more enthusiastic students  is already trying to incorporate the ‘coach approach’ when dealing with some of her staff. However being a novice in coaching practice she was finding it difficult to adjust to the principle of enabling the coachee to solve their own issues.  "Most of my staff are bu...
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Helping to celebrate Plain English Day

On Friday 10 December the Plain English Campaign celebrated Plain English Day in Manchester. The plan was to share examples of jargon and gobbledygook to commemorate the start of the campaign 31 years ago, and invite members of the public to use their 'Jargon - I can't stick it'  stickers to make sure that any jargon or gobbledygook they receive is labelled and returned to the sender with a re...
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