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Asking questions……..

I am running a coaching and mentoring programme for my CIPD HR students and it's becoming very clear how difficult it is to ask  questions to establish how someone is feeling or thinking about a particular issue. Clearly  a coaching conversation is communication and like any conversation made up of talking and listening.   But the urge is to suggest ideas using closed questions is almost overwhel...
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The key to making small talk is…..

Have you got the "gift of the gab"? Are you able to enter a new or unfamiliar situation and begin a conversation with a stranger? Lots of people aren't that confident which why Blarney Castle in Ireland makes a goodly income from tourists willing to queue (sometimes for an hour or more) to climb to the top of the castle and lean out and kiss the Blarney stone.    For those of you not willing to...
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Ae you confident you are getting your message across?

I was discussing the problems caused by too much reliance on Microsoft's spell checker with some students last week.  I cited my favourite story of a consultancy who lost a contract with a well-known Dairy because they unfortunately described them in their proposal as a 'Diary'. There is nothing more likely to lose your audience than having an article, a proposal or even a blog which contains poor...
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