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Keeping Customers for Life

If you work in or own a smaller business, you know you must cultivate relationships with your clients to ensure their continued patronage. Studies have shown that it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a customer relationship than to grow a new one. One way to retain customers is to keep your word. Do what you say you are going to do to make your business worthy of a customer’s repeat busine...
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What has to happen to satisfy your customers?

Businesses need to be more aware than ever that customer service is vital if they are to retain and attract clients, so it never ceases to amaze me that many still get it wrong. I blogged recently about my experience in a department store: When I asked an assistant if they stocked other sizes of a dress I liked and her response was “we might do” so I was forced to ask her to find out! Since ...
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Is your business really focused on its customers?

We all want our businesses to demonstrate that the customer is king. However we often undermine our own efforts quite subconsciously. I mean, why do our staff who are the service givers, not demonstrate that they live for each day to give great service? Well I think it’s because companies who concentrate on internal goals, things like cost cutting, earning profits, meeting budgets, are the one...
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Making time for contingency training

If everything is going well at your company and your team are pulling together nicely then training is probably the last thing on your mind. But in fact, this is just the time to put some thought into  training, to assess where you may have gaps and to investigate suitable solutions. All is well now but it can take only a small change – such as one of your team going off sick – to change the ba...
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Tips for Teaching Top Quality Customer Service

I have been working with a group of enthusiastic managers who are responsible for the staff who deliver customer service as part of their main role in their company.  These are some of the key tips we agreed would help them to help,  monitor and support their staff. Determine what we  really mean by excellent customer service.  We have to have a thorough understanding of what we want to provid...
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