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Everything’s perfect – We have nothing to learn – really?

I was somewhat alarmed last week when attending a client meeting to learn that if someone is critical in any way about the company or the team they are thought to be letting down the side and not a ‘good’ team member.  Where does such thinking originate for surely if you cannot cope with criticism how can you and your organisation learn or grow? Continuous improvement  - Much is said about ...
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Is your training just a tick in the box?

A business colleague of mine had a scary experience a few weeks ago at a well known, recently opened, supermarket. This supermarket, which will remain nameless, appears not to have invested in any safety training before they opened.  It seems so unlikely and yet they nearly had a disaster on their hands.  When the alarms went off customers were almost knocked down by fleeing staff who were them...
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Fear of Giving Feedback

One of the biggest problems I have found when training people in the Art of Feedback is dealing with cold, stark fear.  The reasons are often given as a fear of causing distress or worse creating conflict.   Indeed I have long thought we should be running workshops on how to ask for and to receive feedback rather than how to give it.  Most people I speak to have had such bad experiences from being...
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