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How do you know if it’s that or which? Or sometimes who?

I am working with client whose consultants are responsible for writing big, complex reports for their clients.  The problem with so many people writing for the same company their indivdual styles do not always reflect the organisation.  So we are working to produce a style guide so everyone knows the protocols and the processes. It is an important part of marketing strategy not confusing the custo...
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If schools can’t get English grammar right – what hope for the rest of us?

Do you remember the news story back in 2012 about a school report from a form tutor containing 14 grammatical errors? It concerned a school report which was emailed to a pupil's parents strewn with misspellings, incorrect apostrophe use and bad sentence construction. The first two errors were in the subject line of the email, entitled “… form tutor report for parents everning”. The teache...
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Verbs – Or what they forgot to tell you at school

I am having a week off work this week to look after my two and half-year-old granddaughter Aoife. As a someone who loves language and its development I am so enjoying her conversations and fascinated in how she is learning the rules of grammar from listening to those around her. Even at such a tender age, she knows to add 's' to nouns to make them plural. It's just the English rules that catch ...
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