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2015 – Favourite English Language Traps

During the year I have written a number of blogs featuring English Language traps.  From Split infinitives (no longer a problem) to commmonly confused words our language is often out to fool the unwary.  Here's a few of my favourites. http://quicklearn.org.uk/compliment-or-complement-that-is-the-question/   http://quicklearn.org.uk/are-you-the-subject-or-the-object-of-my-feelings/ ...
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How do you know if it’s that or which? Or sometimes who?

I am working with client whose consultants are responsible for writing big, complex reports for their clients.  The problem with so many people writing for the same company their indivdual styles do not always reflect the organisation.  So we are working to produce a style guide so everyone knows the protocols and the processes. It is an important part of marketing strategy not confusing the custo...
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