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Why the English don’t understand their grammar

An article in the Times reported that “The written English of British undergraduates is significantly worse than that of overseas students.  Apparently UK based students make 52.2 punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors per page on average, whereas international students make just 18.8.” How frightening is that?  People who do not know how to write their own language?  I know it is true be...
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Writing your first report? You are not on your own

Being able to write a report is vital in business today. Reports can draw together a number of different threads, presenting them in a cogent way, so that managers can make decisions and move forward. In a way they are a bit like essays – they have an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and often recommendations as well. Commisioned reports are often read by more people than you might expect an...
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Ae you confident you are getting your message across?

I was discussing the problems caused by too much reliance on Microsoft's spell checker with some students last week.  I cited my favourite story of a consultancy who lost a contract with a well-known Dairy because they unfortunately described them in their proposal as a 'Diary'. There is nothing more likely to lose your audience than having an article, a proposal or even a blog which contains poor...
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Helping to celebrate Plain English Day

On Friday 10 December the Plain English Campaign celebrated Plain English Day in Manchester. The plan was to share examples of jargon and gobbledygook to commemorate the start of the campaign 31 years ago, and invite members of the public to use their 'Jargon - I can't stick it'  stickers to make sure that any jargon or gobbledygook they receive is labelled and returned to the sender with a re...
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Why write a business blog?

Well it’s a good question and if you ask ten different bloggers I expect you’ll get ten different answers.  For me it’s a about raising my profile with potential customers.  A well written blog can demonstrate your skills, reflect your voice, share your ideas, and provide your customers with useful information.  This in turn helps to build relationships with potential customers by using a conversa...
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