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Everything’s perfect – We have nothing to learn – really?

I was somewhat alarmed last week when attending a client meeting to learn that if someone is critical in any way about the company or the team they are thought to be letting down the side and not a ‘good’ team member.  Where does such thinking originate for surely if you cannot cope with criticism how can you and your organisation learn or grow? Continuous improvement  - Much is said about ...
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Coaching and mentoring – what’s the difference?

I am delivering on the CIPD Learning and Development Certificate this year and right now we are tackling the last two modules; that of 'Coaching in the Workplace' and then 'Mentoring in the Workplace'.  So what is the difference?  Many of us use the terms to mean either state. So, in this article I shall share my thoughts in order to provide clarification and, armed with the knowledge, you can ...
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