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Looking back…..Training failures and how they happen…..

It's the middle of December and as always I hold an annual conversation (with myself) about retiring or not retiring from face to face training.  I love the classroom and the wonderful and enthusiastic people I have worked with so I worry about how much I will miss it if I decide to spend more time with my family.  Today I've decided to look back on some of the important learning I have gained fro...
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How to be a great mentor

Do you want to be a mentor?  Do you want to help someone who is possibly younger and with less experience in their job role to achieve their potential?  Did you have a mentor in your working life?    Here are seven tips to enable you to become a successful mentor . 1. Share your knowledge Becoming a mentor is a worthwhile and rewarding experience.  Think about it, you get to spend time with ...
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Would a mentor help?

Finding someone to talk to about your ambitions, goals and ideas is difficult if you work in a smaller business.  Finding time to develop the skills you need to run your business effectively is even more difficult.  That’s why so many managers and business owners turn to a mentor for help when the going gets tough or you just cannot see the wood for the trees. Having a Business Mentor is the cata...
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Are you responsible for your own learning?

I am delivering the Certificate in Learning and Development Practice at level 3 at a local CIPD Centre and we have spent quite some time on how to carry out a learning needs analysis for a client or company staff in order to be able to select the most appropriate learning approach.   But what can you do if you are running a small business or working on your own with no one to check out your skills...
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Mark Twain was right

It does take three weeks to write an impromptu speech! I have always loved the quote that says "If at first you succeed try to hide your astonishment."  Nothing could be truer than my attempt to make a video to share some useful tips for putting together and delivering a presentation.  This is a medium I have never tried before and I still have a lot to learn.  Despite preparing my script and r...
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