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Are you really listening to me?

One of the most important skills for a business communicator is the ability to listen to what others are saying, while fully concentrating and showing due respect. Much has been written about how to learn listening skills but active listening is more about learning how to subdue your needs, to enable you to concentrate on listening to what is being said to you. Effective listening can reveal wh...
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First time coaching….and trying too hard.

My CIPD students have recently completed a coaching module as part of their qualification.  One of my more enthusiastic students  is already trying to incorporate the ‘coach approach’ when dealing with some of her staff. However being a novice in coaching practice she was finding it difficult to adjust to the principle of enabling the coachee to solve their own issues.  "Most of my staff are bu...
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Asking questions……..

I am running a coaching and mentoring programme for my CIPD HR students and it's becoming very clear how difficult it is to ask  questions to establish how someone is feeling or thinking about a particular issue. Clearly  a coaching conversation is communication and like any conversation made up of talking and listening.   But the urge is to suggest ideas using closed questions is almost overwhel...
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