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Making Meetings Work – A simple process tip

So what makes one meeting such a success and yet another soon after a real disappointment.  are you able to think of meetings you love going to and those you dread.  how can make all the meetings we go to either to contribute, to take minutes or to chair make all worthwhile.  From my experience the first key is in setting the scene and responding to the natural rhythm that will make your meeti...
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Networking. It’s more than just talking to people!

I was talking to a colleague the other day about the benefits of networking to build your contacts and grow your business.  She was concerned about how she could choose the right one for her particular needs and it got me thinking about how I have used and possibly abused networking groups over the years. There are so many groups in every area so it’s hard to know where to start.  You need to f...
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How boring does a meeting have to be?

I am delighted to welcome Hannah Jones of Blue Kite Coaching as our guest blogger this week.  Hannah works with senior leaders in schools and says she was inspired by my recent post on meetings and decided to top it!  I hate meetings where we are sent documents to read beforehand and then the documents are read out during the meeting. What is worse, when this is done and then no one has much...
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