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Benefits of a mentoring relationship

More and more people are looking to bring mentoring into their working lives.  The CIPD programme I teach on has a number of participants who are being asked in the workplace to set up a mentoring schemes which will help the organisation to grow; mentors becoe more skilful and the mentees realise their portential sooner. Knowing what the benefits are helps people to make decisions about being par...
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What kind of mentor would you like to be?

Being a mentor is an attractive career move for many senior people so it's worth exploring what kind of mentor you want to be. A mentee may, during the lifetime of the mentoring relationship, look for the mentor to play a number of roles. If you are a mentor for more than one person, you will probably find that each of your mentees may well want a different type of mentor depending on their sit...
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Back to basics in the art of conversation

My current CIPD group are working on the module Supporting Individuals through Coaching and Mentoring. For most of them, new to the idea, they are dreading the practical element of their assignment which is to coach another person for 30 minutes. I have had to remind them that coaching is simply a conversation between two people where one is responsible for asking questions to enable the other to ...
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Coaching and mentoring – what’s the difference?

I am delivering on the CIPD Learning and Development Certificate this year and right now we are tackling the last two modules; that of 'Coaching in the Workplace' and then 'Mentoring in the Workplace'.  So what is the difference?  Many of us use the terms to mean either state. So, in this article I shall share my thoughts in order to provide clarification and, armed with the knowledge, you can ...
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