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Is it possible – Really? New Year madness

Everyone is resolution mad at this time of the year.  I mean you never hear people with Spring resolutions despite its link with cleaning.  Do you know anyone who sets themselves resolutions for the Summer or even the Autumn.  No? So why this reaction in January when we should be hibernating from the cold, the excess eating and the 'do I really want to go back to work again' feelings. There is ...
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Christmas Quiz Time

Welcome to our blog which this week is all about having some festive fun. So get out your pen and perhaps a glass of wine and try this out on your family and friends. And here is the Christmas Quiz  - The answers are listed below 1. In Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol, who was Scrooge's dead business partner? 2. The song White Christmas was first performed in which 1942 film? ...
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