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When missing punctuation catches you out!

I have had an interesting  couple of weeks running,  two workshops one on business Writing and one covering Report Writing. this was to intelligent and articulate students with first degrees.  However it soon became clear how little grammar and punctuation was taught when they were in school. Or how little sunk in. It was surprising how many of my participants admit to still struggling with pun...
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2015 – Favourite English Language Traps

During the year I have written a number of blogs featuring English Language traps.  From Split infinitives (no longer a problem) to commmonly confused words our language is often out to fool the unwary.  Here's a few of my favourites. http://quicklearn.org.uk/compliment-or-complement-that-is-the-question/   http://quicklearn.org.uk/are-you-the-subject-or-the-object-of-my-feelings/ ...
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Just because a word ends with an ‘S’

I don't know why it happens and I don't know where the idea came from but lots and lots of people think that if a word ends with an 's' it will need an apostrophe in front of it. And it gets worse if we have more than one item which normally adds 's' to signify the plural and yet again that dratted little apostrophe gets shoved in. Then there is the problem with acronyms.  why, oh, why a...
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