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Compliment or Complement? That is the question

Searching on the internet for information about some e-learning this month I came across this glib statement on a well regarded training provider’s website. “These workbooks are a great compliment to our “Do it Yourself Promotion Programme” Seriously this is straight from my meanderings through competitors’ websites.  An advert for elearning marketing and it turns out they were not offering fre...
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Say something nice about me!

How easy it is to get confused by our language.  Words which sound the same but mean completely different things.  Here is one of my favourites. “These workshops are a great compliment to our Do It Yourself Website Promotion Programme”. This is straight from a website I visited this week which was advertising internet marketing workshops. But it turns out they are NOT free!   It should of cours...
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Writing your first report? You are not on your own

Being able to write a report is vital in business today. Reports can draw together a number of different threads, presenting them in a cogent way, so that managers can make decisions and move forward. In a way they are a bit like essays – they have an introduction, analysis, conclusion, and often recommendations as well. Commisioned reports are often read by more people than you might expect an...
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Ae you confident you are getting your message across?

I was discussing the problems caused by too much reliance on Microsoft's spell checker with some students last week.  I cited my favourite story of a consultancy who lost a contract with a well-known Dairy because they unfortunately described them in their proposal as a 'Diary'. There is nothing more likely to lose your audience than having an article, a proposal or even a blog which contains poor...
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