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Checking out the training needs of your organisation

If you carry out appraisals or performance reviews with your staff, you will often find you need to perform training needs analysis (TNA) to enable an individual to do their job more efficiently or to deliver their objectives.  However, regular checks throughout the year mean the organisation is far more ready to take on challenges as they arise. Once the learning needs are collated, you may find ...
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Looking back…..Training failures and how they happen…..

It's the middle of December and as always I hold an annual conversation (with myself) about retiring or not retiring from face to face training.  I love the classroom and the wonderful and enthusiastic people I have worked with so I worry about how much I will miss it if I decide to spend more time with my family.  Today I've decided to look back on some of the important learning I have gained fro...
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Is your training just a tick in the box?

A business colleague of mine had a scary experience a few weeks ago at a well known, recently opened, supermarket. This supermarket, which will remain nameless, appears not to have invested in any safety training before they opened.  It seems so unlikely and yet they nearly had a disaster on their hands.  When the alarms went off customers were almost knocked down by fleeing staff who were them...
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