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Choosing your website host

          Finding a host for your website can appear to be a maze, prices can vary wildly for the same or similar services, and the Internet is still the Wild West where cowboys and snake oil salesmen lurk in the rocks.  Don't panic, a little diligence will minimise any obstacles you may encounter. In my previous post covering domain names, I mentione...
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Useful plugins for your WordPress site

WordPress essentials: Plugins Matt Miller has been building WordPress and other sites for a number of clients over the past few years. He also maintains sites for clients and provides coaching for those wishing to build on and grow their own website. Matt believes that by using WordPress you can have complete control of your site whatever your knowledge. You should be able to update it and change...
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Websites: what? why? how?

          Deciding if your business needs a web presence is the easy question, the harder question is why? Should it be a way of finding new customers or a way of providing information to already primed customers?  Should a website be a shop, a showcase or an advertising hoarding?  Of course a website can be all of these things but what should be its ...
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