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Understanding People series on Motivation No.1 – The Basics

Papworth065 - Version 3We are delighted to welcome Julia Papworth of Wisdom Learning as our guest blogger this month.   Julia’s  philosophy and mission is to enable adults and children to make learning and leadership easy and fun. She coaches and teaches people to build a refined awareness of themselves, their families and their work colleagues. Our children are our future, and she believes we are, as adults the model for positive change.  Here is her blog taken from her 12 part series on Understanding People.

WOW people can be really irritating!
Is there ever a time where you just didn’t understand somebody, and you became really irritated by their behaviour?
This is the first in a series of blogs called Understanding People Series on Motivation.
It’s to help you learn new perspectives on understanding what makes you and others tick.

We received over 400 million bits of information perceived per second. And our brain is designed to process that information and to attend to what is important to us, by a process of Filtering. Each person is unique in the way  they understand their own individual world. Each person has a different history and a different model of the world. Each person filters their world differently.

A 3 Stage Process1 The Basics
A person’s emotional intelligence affects the way they process their ideas and experiences.

1.    Filtering: the mind notices or becomes aware of certain issues and starts to apply attitudes towards them. Filtering is almost like having your own unique set of sunglasses, there may be similarities with the way other people perceive things but there will also be many differences.
2.    Evaluation: the mind uses values to decide what is and what is not important. Everybody has different values, which were formed through experiences and are held in place by beliefs. Values drive the way we interact with our world they are very deep level filters. People can be very passionate about that which they value!
3.    Action: the ability to take action depends on the competency and the ability to take action on the issue.

Understanding how brain uses this 3 stage process is really important to us because it allows us to understand how we interact with the world. It helps us to edit and shape what we allow to come in and also to shape what comes from inside ourselves as we communicate and behave.  This makes up a key element of what can be perceived as our personality.

The filters we use are called Metaprogrammes. Metaprogrammes are a model of cognitive thinking styles where 48 parameters are measured and explained. Metaprogrammes are deep level filters we used to understand our individual motivational preferences towards life and  they change across different life parameters, work, personal life, sporting context etc.

When we meet somebody who does not filter in the same way that we do, or filters in the opposite way to us,  it can be very frustrating, because they appear to be completely unable to understand you and their behaviours seem odd!

This learning series will help you to recognise, adapt, accept, and create strategies for working with others by
o    finding out what makes you and others take
o    How to make yourself and others happier and more productive
o    how to identify the best environment to work in
o    how to motivate people and yourself
o    how to increase happiness in the work environment
o    do you or others have the right attitude for specific job role requirements, finding motivational strengths in people can be very enlightening

It is important to understand that Metaprogrammes are concerned with Preference in Motivation (what makes us tick), not capability.

What have you noticed in others that frustrates you, that you don’t understand and wish you had a strategy for dealing with?  Please comment below.

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