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Why is customer service no longer important?

headshot2013All the companies I talk to at the moment report that things are quiet or slowing down or  not looking too good.  So it seems to me this is the best time to be considering training while the staff have some time on their hands.  And not just any training but customer service training.  When companies run into problems the staff start to get concerned. They start to keep an eye open for other jobs and they become demotivated.  And the first thing to suffer?  Yes it’s the customer service.

Out shopping in a prestigious store at the weekend I asked about a particular dress to see if it was available in my size.  The response from the assistant was one simple sentence.  ‘We might have some more in the stock room’.  That was it.  No ‘let me go and see’ or even ‘would you like me to see’ she just stared at me, I am sure, willing me to ask her to look.



It’s the same in offices too.  When a customer phones you how do you think they feel when the receptionist says ‘I’ll see if s/he’ll talk to you’!  My favourite comment this week goes to the young woman who replied I’m not sure if he’s here’  ‘Well then is he or isn’t he?  Can you find out?’.  ‘Well I’ll try’ was her reply.    Kind of her really.

So why isn’t anyone monitoring this situation? If we are sliding into a recession the companies who will survive are the companies who make sure that their staff are the most skilled and the most aware of the importance of having customers.

Is it time to check out your customers’ experience?



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